Giving HOPE to Orphans by providing them with 21st century Computer Science & ICT skills

A 5 weeks intensive ICT & Coding training to orphans in Ghana, helping them acquire employable skills, providing volunteerism, scholarship and mentorship opportunities. In the long term perspective, we are looking at building a generation of technology entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to drive Africa forward in development.

Purpose of Tech 2 Orphans

There are over 1.3 million orphans in Ghana, some living in orphanages and others living with foster parents. Most orphans in orphanages in Ghana are cared for from birth till age 18, after which they are left to be on their own, responsible to find a place to live, find something to do and continue with their lives. Research confirms that a lot of these kids have hard times with all these abrupt changes. Though fortunate ones enter into vocational training, most of them struggle in life, some engage in deviant acts and a large percentage of them end up on the street. This has contributed hugely to the stock of children on the streets of Ghana. The TECH to ORPHANS project seeks to address this social problem.

T2O Training Modules

Intro to Computers
Hardware & Software
Microsoft Applications
Computer Coding
Intro to Mobile Apps
Google Tools & Researching
Social Media & Blogging
ICT & Entrepreneurship
Intro to Web Design
Intro to Graphic Design

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